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Digital Distribution Frames

The initial design and build of any E1 / T1 distribution frame is critical to long term stability and ultimately growth we have been engaged through various communications providers as the preferred contractor to build and manage networks delivering suitable processes ensuring clients future growth and revenue are never compromised. Communication providers worldwide base their core business on E1 T1 signaling technology there are many vendors providing generic type equipment in the market today.

Teltekz Limited have contracted in some capacity to deliver for Nokia and Ericsson providing core element communications. Design concepts vary given the working environment and space available most designs rely on two fundamentals, structured elements normally sequentially allocated and connecting equipment (assets) randomly allocated i.e. servers, active equipment etc.

Teltekz Limited have developed processes to track moves and changes based on sequential and random information. Cable labeling is critical for any end to end solution and provides a secondary means of identifying connections. Viable solutions also rely on a means to readily identify connections through a cross connect this information needs to be presented and understood by a wide range of individuals and must also be considered when selecting a distribution frame.