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Warren and Brown Trunking

Why use fibre optic raceway ducting

Fibre optic cords carry far more services and much greater throughput than traditional copper services and downtime or outages can cost tens of thousands of dollars per second in lost revenue.  Good fibre protection is absolutely essential. Fibre cords are fragile and need to be correctly protected throughout any cabling installation from end to end. Traditional cable routing on open cable trays and ladders may cause damage. These methods of routing cables provide no protection for exposed fibre.

Teltekz Limited have been contracted in to rework existing Telco fibre cable management systems to include Warren and Brown trunking to see an overview check out the link below 

We have installed many types of fibre reticulation systems and have found Warren and Brown to be far superior in many ways. The cost of installation is greatly reduced due to the reduction of fasteners (nuts, screws, bolts, rivets,)with their patented interlocking joiners that snap into cutouts that are formed by a special slotting tool

A length of Warren and Brown can be cut into at any stage using a cut out tool to add a ramp and dropper kit into any cabinet. A length of 50mm diameter flexible conduit is then fitted to length into a 60mm x 40mm to provide a secure environment for fibre optic leads.